What is a Balayage, or Shadow Root? What do I Need?

New terms for color services pop up each day. Some are just a spin on a balayage or foil technique. What do they all mean? Here is the skinny…

Highlights-Highlights are simply pieces of hair that are lighter than your natural color.

Babylights- Babylights are very fine, subtle highlights that are meant to look like the natural hair color of small children. The light pieces are concentrated usually at the crown.

Balayage- a technique for highlighting hair in which the dye is painted on in such a way as to create a graduated, natural-looking effect. Sometimes, the stylist will tease the hair to create a more diffused look This is best suited for those looking to achieve a natural look. Those who have dark hair, have had the previous color or want a lighter look can use other balayage techniques.

Foilyage-If you are a dark brunette or have previous color, foilyage will allow you to have that beautiful look of balayage highlights with the benefits of foil processing. Sometimes the teasing method is used to create a seamless blend.

Flamboyage- a transparent adhesive strip is used to highlight the hair. The effects of the adhesive strip highlighting can be created by other techniques as well.

Ombre- Ombre hair color is generally darker at the roots through the mid-shaft and then gradually gets lighter from the mid-shaft to the ends.

Sombre- A softer form of an ombre that usually incorporates another highlight technique to add more dimension.

Chunky highlights- As the name suggests, chunky highlights (or lowlights) are, well, chunky and thick.

Platinum Card- back to back highlights to create dramatic hair color change in one visit. This technique is very detailed so prepare for a long salon visit and usually, the cost is an hourly charge.

Foil Highlights- Foil highlighting is the process of using foil to separate strands of hair which will be lightened from strands that will not.

Lowlights- involve darkening strands of hair by using colors that are darker than the rest of the hair.

Shadow Root- Shadow root technique lies in the same dark roots and lighter ends, but without a sharp contrast between them.

Color Melt-a a technique that blends highlights with the base color of your hair so there's no harsh lines or clear distinction between the different colors.

Root Smudge-After the hair is highlighted and washed out, the colorist applies a toner or gloss to just the roots with a brush, effectively "smudging" or blurring where roots end and color begin.

One process Color- means that a new color or toner is applied to regrowth of the hair to touch up or all over the hair to change the overall color. The hair is lifted and deposited in one easy step.

Base Break- A base break is done after a highlight service or in between services. It breaks up the darker roots that were not lightened, which helps remove any line of demarcation in your hair color.

Face Framing Highlights AKA "The Money Piece"- A popular technique that concentrates the foil placement on the perimeter bordering the face.

Bleach Out- To remove color or pigment from the hair until the desired lightness is achieved. The first attempt to lighten your hair can be a long process and may take several applications to achieve.

Toner- is simply a glaze or demi-permanent that is applied after a color service to enhance, neutralize or simply to add shine to the hair. A toner ensures longer-lasting results and can also be used in between highlight services to refresh the color.

Note that sometimes you need several of these services to achieve the look you desire. Remember not everything you see on IG or in ads is as it seems. Some of the looks are achieved by filters or even hair extensions. Talk to your stylist to guide you to the hair of your dreams!!!